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Architectural floor plan

The purpose of a floor plan is to show a dimensioned and scaled map of a building’s interior spaces, depicting the relationship to one another, connections between the interior and exterior, and the location of key elements such as openings, objects and wall thickness’s. (Consequently FBC 2020 7th Edition)

Floor plans always depict an overhead view of the spaces you are creating and should be thought of as an horizontal cut or section that is taken at 1200mm (4ft) across the entire floor. Anything below or above this point is dotted or dashed, for example a low level window or the remaining treads of a staircase.


Architectural Elevations

Elevations show the front, back, and sides of a structure as they would appear projected on vertical planes. Studying the elevation drawing gives you a practical idea of the structure’s appearance and layout.


3D Modeling

3D Computer Aided Design