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As-Built Layouts

Real-scale plan, where it shows a data collection of all the existing information of the place such as lengths of walls, layout of stairs, kitchens, bathrooms, and any equipment and/or room that can be evidenced that is located in the work area at intervened, this compilation is a set of data that can be obtained photogrammetry, by conventional or laser sizing of the place where the work will be carried out, be it an addition, remodeling or new project.

Field Layouts

Real graphic representation on the ground and technical support with quality assurance (safety in georeferencing and measurements according to plans
design) multidisciplinary during the extrusion phase of the building..

Plot Plan

The plot plan shows the survey marks, including the bench mark (BM), with the elevations and the grading requirements. Surveyors use the plot plan to set up the corners and perimeter of the building using batter boards and line stakes. The plot plan furnishes the essential data for laying out the building..

Site Plan

A site plan is a detailed engineering drawing that shows information about grading, landscaping, building arrangement, topography dronne, and other details. These are made easier with architectural drawing software that allows such information to be rapidly added. (Consequently FBC 2020 7th Edition).