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Structural Drawings

Foundations Drawings

A foundation plan is a plan view of a structure. That is, it appears as if it were projected onto a horizontal plane and passed through the structure. In the case of the foundation plane, the plane is slightly below the level of the top of the foundation wall. Shows the main foundations, concrete columns or as the case may be.

Floor Plan

Floor plans are views of a building as if the cut plans were made horizontally through the building. The cut plane is usually taken 5 feet 0 inches above the floor shown.

The way a floor plan develops from elevation to section plan to floor plan, An architectural or structural plan shows the structural features of the building at the level of the projection plane. A mechanical floor plan shows the plumbing and heating systems and any other mechanical components that are not electrical. An electrical plan shows lighting systems and any other electrical systems. A plumbing plan shows pipe routes of the drain and supply system.

Drawings Details

Section views, or sections, provide important information about a structure’s height, materials, fastening and support systems, and hidden features. The initial development of a section and how a structure looks when cut vertically by a cutting plane. The cut plane is not necessarily continuous, but, as with the horizontal cut plane on construction drawings, it can be staggered to include as much construction information as possible. Like elevations, section views are vertical projections. They are also detailed drawings drawn on a large scale. This aids in reading and provides information that cannot be given in elevation or plan views. The sections are classified into typical and specific.


Framming Plan

The floor framing plan is a plan view of the beam and joist layout. Joists and double frames are drawn in the position they will occupy in the finished building for roof support..

Roof Plan

A Roof Plan is a plan of a building or house that is not cutting through the building but drawn from above. This shows everything on top of the building including the roof layout, stair bulkheads, parapets, and potentially roof equipment..